Sample Lesson

AI@School has two key aims; to help you to teach about AI and to help you to teach with AI.

We have split the AI@School course up into 10 key topics, our “10 Things”. Thing one explains the basics of AI, Thing 2 explores ethics, Thing 3 looks at terms and technologies and so on.

Each Thing has an introductory video, some info to read, an interactive activity and another interesting video. Each Thing is also linked to resources and scenarios to assist you in your teaching.

Subtitles are available on the videos and there will be multi-lingual discussion areas to support you.

Join us in October and November for real-time input from our expert team of educators and researchers. Each Thing will be linked directly to our discussion and support group on LinkedIn. We will also have a live introduction to the course and some Q&A webinar sessions.

We estimate that you should take around an hour to complete each Thing but there are no hard and fast rules, we have designed the course to be flexible and you can come back to recap at any time.

The resources including videos and recordings will remain available for you to use after the course has finished.