Teaching about AI with no computers

Target audience – Secondary Education students from 1st to 3rd grade of High School  

Age Group – 16 to 18

short line

Short overview of scenario

Teaching about Artificial Intelligence (AI) does not automatically mean that each educator is obliged to incorporate digital materials to their curriculum. There are alternative ways of teaching about AI, for instance, teachers could propose games to the students, such as bingo cards, quizzes, flashcards, etc. One of these teaching method proposals is presented in this scenario.

Scenario description

In this learning scenario, students will have the opportunity to understand the main parts and mechanics of AI and how they work. They will realise that AI is a special type of algorithm and consists of three parts: dataset, algorithm, and prediction. On a later stage, they will realise the difficulty of the classification in the advanced machine learning context. Moreover, the learners will understand how the amount of training data affects the accuracy and robustness.

Scenario Objectives

  1. Students to understand the basic mechanics of AI.
  2. Students to know that AI is a specific type of algorithm and has three specific parts.
  3. Students to recognize AI systems in everyday life and be able to reason about the prediction an AI system makes and the potential datasets the AI system uses.


Each student should:

  1. Use the material given by the teacher
  2. Cooperate with their partners
  3. Use and boost their critical way of thinking 

Outline plan 

Activity 1 AI Bingo
Timing30 minutes 
MethodsStudents carrying out a practical activity
What the tutor is doingThe teacher:Presents and review the introductory slidesPasses out the bingo cards
After the game ends, the teacher starts a discussion about which squares each student filled out.
What the learners are doingStudents: are given bingo cards with diverse AI systemsfind a partner who both have used the same AI system listed on the cardsdetermine the dataset that the system uses as well as what prediction the system makes
Winner: the first student who gets five squares filled out in a row/ diagonal/ column
Equipment and Supportcards
Link to AI@School CurriculumThe basics of AI. To be aware of the basic components in AI. 
Assessment of/for learning
Resources/links/relevant content/ExamplesMIT AI Ethics Education Curriculum – Google Docs  

Our notes from practice

Based on the activity, the students will have the opportunity to have a closer look at how AI works when using Internet in our routine. Through the game, students will be able to perceive various cases of AI and then they need to find out the dataset and the prediction system used. Students will have the chance to cooperate with each other on a common case and present their findings and thoughts. This teaching method has as a main goal to communicate to students that we do not need digital environments and tools to learn and talk about AI. Furthermore, they will sharpen their way of thinking and put them in question about the integral parts of AI. 


Title: Introduction to AI & AI Bingo
URL: Introduction to AI and AI Bingo – Google Slides
A short presentation of the basic three elements of AI 

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