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Hopefully you have found at least one of our 10 Things about AI useful. We’d love to keep in touch so please continue the conversation with us and with each other via the LinkedIn group and share your experiences of teaching about AI or using AI in your teaching practice. 

All of the AI@School resources are free to use and licensed by Creative Commons which means you are welcome to reuse them and adapt them as you wish. You will by now be familiar with the Curriculum and Toolkit resources, if you know of something we have missed please share it in the LinkedIn group or even over on our Facebook page.

Our scenarios are a work in progress but they are an attempt to describe real situations, the resources we used and how we approached the pedagogy. There is a template available if you’d like to make your own, and you can share your scenarios with the wider AI@School educator community by sending it to aiatschool [dot] project [at] gmail [dot] com or uploading it via the scenarios page.

We are also creating a directory of open source materials.

Please continue the conversation in your own networks and invite others to access the course and materials.


Thing 10 Assignment

Share an example of a resource you have used to teach with or about AI and let us know how it went. You could use the Scenario Template to contribute it to our resources.

10 Things about AI
Thig 10 - Share your resources 100%