AI and Existing Technologies

Although we tend to think of AI as a technology of the future with self driving cars and robotic assistants, AI is very much a part of modern life. Every time you perform an internet search, like a post, click on an advert or skip a song you provide data which AI can use to alter your listening experience or your search results. 


Let’s have a look at some of the key areas where AI is already being used today.


Woebot is an AI chatbot which attempts to recognise certain behaviour patterns and suggest cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to the user.


Language learning

Duolingo uses AI to offer ability appropriate challenges to language learners.


AI and VR

There is a large community of educators who are using and experimenting with the intersections between Virtual Reality and AI. There’s even a regular conference, attended virtually, dedicated to VR in education. 

VR is great for modelling scenarios which are unsafe or impractical to practice in the real world such as health and safety, responding to threats, or role playing a difficult circumstance. Include AI in these scenarios and you have the option to automatically create new dialogues and surroundings each time which respond to the user’s actions.


Thing 6 Assignment

What is the most surprising or useful use of existing AI technology you have heard about? Let us know in the LinkedIn discussion.

Practical Applications

There are lots of ideas and resources in our AI@School Curriculum and Toolkit.


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