Using AI to improve food and drinks marketing photography

Target audience – FE and HE college students at levels 1 to 4

Age Group – 16 to 19 (18+?)

Short overview of scenario

Food and drinks providers need to promote their products visually and with the help of AI tools they can potentially produce quality images even if their photographic ability is limited. This scenario will demonstrate how students can do this.

Scenario description

Using a smartphone camera the learners will take a series photographs of food and drinks, either on the day or in advance of the session. They will then be directed to apps which will improve the photographs eg HitPaw Photo Enhancer, Remini Photo Enhancer

Scenario Objectives

  1. Students understand the difference between a poor image and a good one.
  2. Students will be aware of and know how to use apps which will improve their images.
  3. Students will also be made aware that the composition is at least as important as the photo quality.


Each student should have a smart phone

Outline plan 

Aim for short activities 2 hours max

Activity 1 of 3
What the tutor is doing
What the learners are doing
Equipment and Support
Link to AI@School Curriculum
Assessment of/for learning
Resources/links/relevant content/Examples


Title – Introduction to OpenAthens – English


Short Description – A short video explaining how to access OpenAthens the portal we use to access the library catalogue and all electronic resources.

Curriculum Constructs

AI@School Curriculum Area

AI and existing technologies


Authors; Attwell, G., Bekiaridis, G., Blatsios, S., De Smet, G., Gerrard, A., Rennie, I., Orcasitas-Vicandi, M., Roman, G., Schevernels, M. 

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